Angara Pear Shaped Emerald Diamond Solitaire Pendant in Platinum xvXMFh

Angara Pear Shaped Emerald Diamond Solitaire Pendant in Platinum xvXMFh
Angara Pear Shaped Emerald Diamond Solitaire Pendant in Platinum
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US presidentbriefed not to mention the topic at dinner with leaders from four Latin American allies –but he did so anyway

Multi-million dollar lobbying campaign is underway to influence Donald Trump and senators

The group is slightly smaller than the number who were sworn in last year when around 15,000 immigrants became US citizens

‘I do not want to witness northern white rhinos disappear in front of our eyes just because we did not care’

Police say they are 'keeping an open mind' on the circumstances

92-year-old woman 'kills son' to avoid being sent to nursing home

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Who will be performing for the president this year?

‘The rumours are striking at a very primal fear of one’s child being at risk,’ sayspolice officer HarshPoddar

Mr Trump is credited as author on as many as 19 books

The prospect of a more conservative justice hasLGBTrights groups worried about legal challenges

New technique allows experts to find and destroy hidden nests belonging to invasive predators

Footage of the incident has since gone viral

'Learning environments comprised of students from diverse backgrounds provide an enhanced educational experience for individual students,' says guidance

US president attacks 'fake news' for constantly looking for errors in his posts

'Hi, I just wanted to urge you to resign because of what you’re doing to the environment and our country,' Kristin Mink says she told Mr Pruitt

Quite a future awaits the unwilling mother and the gay teenager dreaming of marriage in a land of the free that already steals and incarcerates brown-skinned babies

To be clear, I’m not suggesting that killing animals for meat is the same as killing for sport. No; in many ways it’s actually worse to kill for meat

The messages often discuss horrifying fake stories – which lead to equally violent real crimes

His diplomatic hand is duly strengthened and many will walk away from this tournament convinced that Russia is a 'normal country' after all

The actors worked together on 1997 hit LA Confidential

Will investors’ support for bitcoincontinue? The trouble is that we don’t know who owns it.A huge amount of energy has gone into uncovering ownership but most namesremain concealed

Time to negotiate Brexit has always been the enemy, but perhaps May will now try to turn the lack of time into her friend

All of the likely nominees are likely to be the sorts of people that Trump would trust to 'make the Supreme Court great again'and endorse his conservative, even extremist, prejudices

This month, Steve Bannon said his political ideal wouldbe the unity of both right and left populism against the old political establishment.One should never forget that our true enemy is the global capitalist establishment and not the new populist right

The US media missed a trick, just as it did with Trump, a blowhard reality TV host to whom no one gave a chance when he launched what amounted to a hostile takeover of the Republican Party

Doctors, lawyers and activists are working to bringperpetrators of sexual violenceto justice as well aseradicate the stigmasuffered by so many women in Syria'sbrutal civil war

A question I am often being asked is: 'How does it feel to live under a dictatorship?' This is a laughable claim, and one I only began to understand when I looked at the coverage of this week's election

Aggressive expansion of new original content seems to have paid off

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Allen never overdramatises the already-dramatic – divorce, children, a stalker, media intrusion –rather she tackles it in an offhand and always bluntly honest manner

A new show,TheMarvellous Mechanical Museum, celebrates kinetic sculptures. But are they more than than just end of the pier amusements?

These essays feel more like short stories, exploring grief, family, relationships,and collecting so much trash you get a rubbish truck named after you

The 33-year-old forward leaves the Cavaliers to join an iconic franchise that has won 16 NBA titles

'Evidence called in this trial showed that, over a 25 year period, GeorgeOrmondwas a man wholly preoccupied with sex, who used his position as a respected football coach to target boys and young men in his care'

The Duchess’ dress, hat and sandals are all out of stock

Some health bloggers claim they're a good source of fibre and antioxidants but others aren't convinced

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I’ve added your articles list to my RSS feed, and look forward to following more of your insights.

If people understood just what you’ve posted above I can only begin to imagine the impact it would have on businesses.

2. Brian Mistler | July 9th, 2007 at 5:24 pm

Agreed (with the article and the comments).

I’ve worked with Dr. Higley now for several years, and knowing him and the Building Blocks / Excellence Tree Materials, and having studied Covey myself for years, am convinced that these programs represent a better understanding of Carl Rogers and Steven Covey’s material that any other business trainer I’ve known.

The article above points to and demonstrates that pretty well, doesn’t it .

“Creating an organizational process that is more Fully Functioning will not only earn your money, but will also positively impact you, your employees, your clients, and your little part of the world. What could be more satisfying?” — pure Covey’s 8th Habit

And, all the rest are, to me, a pretty nicely put version of Covey’s material and a core humanistic business philosophy.

3. John Spence | July 10th, 2007 at 2:12 pm

I’ve just come back from a week at the Aspen Institute for their annual “Ideas Festival” where more then 200 of the top business and world leaders of today converged to discuss the future of American competitiveness and one things was abundantly clear… smart, bright, talented people will be the very foundation of competitiveness in the future — and these sort of people will ONLY work in organizations they feel good about, are proud of and have fun in — in other words — fully functioning organizations. I might also add, that a leader’s organization will never become “fully functioning” until they work on themselves first.

The seven key points that Dr. Higley lays out in this article are right on target — for building a more satisfying and fully functional life and business. Very good ideas here – well played. John

4. Brian Higley | July 11th, 2007 at 10:39 am

I agree with John Spence’s assertion above regarding the correlation between leaders and their organizations (“. . . a leader’s organization will never become “fully functioning” until they work on themselves first.”). This is why I’ve also written an article on this blog covering “Self-Mastery” at: . It might be a nice companion article to this one.

5. Kevin Tate | November 13th, 2007 at 10:34 pm

I am a student in a Counseling program, and am new to the world of business consulting. What is quite refreshing about reading this article is to see the way in which these concepts are stated without the “B.S.”. I send a lot of time reading very long books with very long words, and it is nice to see it spelled out so clearly and to the point.

| Diamoire Jewels Handcarved Heart in 10kt Yellow Gold and Premium Diamonds 0h6I1xtlX
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July 2016

@Risk-Filled Routine By Melanie Pita For The Record Vol. 28 No. 7 P. 24

@Risk-Filled Routine By Melanie Pita For The Record Vol. 28 No. 7 P. 24

Carelessly sending PHI via e-mail can carry serious consequences.

The handling and sharing of medical records is a critical and sensitive issue, one that affects millions of providers, patients, and payers every day. E-mailing patient records has become commonplace, but what's often overlooked is that failing to encrypt protected health information (PHI) is directly at odds with HIPAA requirements, subjecting the covered entity to substantial risk.

Although unlikely, there is an opportunity for PHI sent in the body of, or attached to, an unencrypted e-mail to be intercepted and used by parties other than the intended recipient. Exchanging records by e-mail can mean exposing patients' personal information and entire medical histories to a nefarious world of hackers seeking to exploit such data. Consequently, the possibility of such data breaches occurring can keep many a compliance officer awake at night.

Keais Records Retrieval, a third-party vendor, gathers patient records from health care providers with the patient's permission. The company works with insurance carriers/adjusters and law firms to gather medical, business, and other record types to help evaluate insurance claims and lawsuits.

Keais works with more than 95,000 medical record custodians nationwide each month to request patient records. Thousands of patient medical records, billing histories, diagnostic images, and other related information are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to its office each day. E-mail is a popular option because it is widely available, easy to use, and has a "send it and forget it" appeal. Part of my responsibility as Keais' general counsel and chief compliance officer is to ensure that our employees undergo mandatory annual HIPAA training and are frequently reminded to never e-mail patient records or other correspondence containing PHI outside our encrypted environment. Keais' hard stance on security has rubbed off on employees, who often point out that the record custodians from whom we obtain PHI may be taking a risk by e-mailing such information.

In the past decade, the reliance on e-mail has grown significantly from both a business and personal perspective. It's more convenient than ever, with nearly 70% of American adults owning a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center. E-mail has become such a normal part of our daily routine that we tend to forget it's not always secure. This is a particularly important concern when health care and HIPAA are introduced into the mix.


The biggest sarcophagus ever discovered in Alexandria was recently unearthed in Egypt, but who did i...


A Giant 2.6-Meter-Long Sarcophagus Has Just Been Found In Egypt


Beer-drinkers in the UK are being warned that a European carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage could threate...


An analysis of hundreds of scientific papers over seven years has found an alarming number might nee...


The UK government has released its final three formerly classified UFO reports from the Ministry of ...

Editor's Blog

This pair must have really annoyed somebody.Highways England/Mola Headland Infrastructure

Angara Classic Round Citrine and Diamond Halo Ring in Platinum SlAYl
19 Jun 2018, 14:08

Archaeologists have come across 6,000 years of history during the construction of a new highway in the UK, among which could be the remains of a massive temporary Roman military camp.

Strangest of all, they discovered two skeletons that appear to have suffered an especially grizzly fate. As first reported by The Guardian , the two men had their legs chopped off at the knees after which they were placed in a T-shaped position. Their skulls also appear to be smashed in, although researchers are not clear whether these injuries occurred before or after their deaths.

inRead invented by Teads

The duo is believed to have lived at the time of Roman Britain, from 43 to 410 CE, or perhaps slightly later in the Anglo-Saxon era in the 5th or 6th century. This period was estimated by the wealth of Roman artifacts located around the site, including a bunch of pottery and jewelry.


Until further analysis takes place, no one is quite sure why this pair ended up in such an unfortunate situation, but archaeologists on the job have a few theories. They might have had theirlegs cut offdue to superstitiousfear, ensuring their undead corpses couldn't rise from their graves and cause terror among the living. Alternatively, they could have simply been tortured as part of a cruel punishment, designed to create fearand warn others not to do the same.

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